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HISTORIC | 365 – Versatility and technology

The trademark of Historic is clear, evident, first by the name of the brand, which defines its identity: drawing inspiration from History to create modern and functional clothing.

Not the easiest mission: as much as history can be an obvious inspiration on several levels, how to combine the creation of a garment with a story?

In our Journal we show how some historical figures inspired some of our most successful items. But not only some strongest personalities of the past, such as Amelia Earhart or Umberto Nobile, guide our creative process.

Arm in arm with the history of the man there is always technological innovation. The birth and development of innovative techniques in order to give free rein to the imagination and allow man to do one of the things that, historically, knows the best: create.

A Meeting Between Innovation and History

At first glance innovation and history seem to be antithetical concepts, but they have more than one meeting point and are co-dependent: one without the other, it is only an exercise in style.

That’s why Historic created his 365 collection. A set of jackets wearable all year round (hence the name 365) and with a high level of engineering, production process and top-quality finishes.

The use of direct injection goose down padding, which therefore deprives the jacket of the characteristic feather-bag, ensures that the garments have a particularly reduced thickness, but at the same time are warm, versatile, practical and light. In addition, the feather has been carefully calibrated to achieve the right level of comfort: 90% down and 10% goose feather.

All the Historic 365 creations are made of a 100% water-repellent nylon fabric, in order to make the garments insulating and give the right resistance to water and wind.

This is how a symbol of the winter season, like the down jacket, is perfectly adaptable to all seasons.

The all-year-wearable down jacket has been declined by Historic in a set of item with a strong and decisive character: the Drifting Jacket in man version and the Amy Jacket in its woman version; a more classic variant of jacket for men is the Shackeleton Jacket, with her feminine transposition, Isabella.

The 365 philosophy has also been sinked in vest giving life to the Croquet Vest for men and to two models for women: the Bridge Vest in the classic short version and the Jennie, a long variation with modern details.

In these items, the use of goose down changes its size, going from typically winter to multifunctional and adaptable: the maxima summa between innovation and history, for a truly Historic garment.

All the 365 items are part of the Spring Summer collection available on our online store – come and have a look at the entire new Historic line.