EARHART PARKA COAT: get dressed like the iconic Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart’s story began in a precise day: December 28th, 1920, Long Beach when she made the first flight as a passenger. An experience that would have changed his life forever:

«When I reached two or three hundred feet height, I knew that I had to fly».

Amelia’s “journey” was not easy at all. Forced to move often because of the economic difficulties of her parents, she worked hard to pay herself her flight lessons and she managed to become the sixteenth woman in history to receive the official patent. This was just the first step of a greater project, a key that opened the door to the challenge that today makes Amelia an HISTORIC character.

HISTORIC celebrates Amelia with the PARKA EARHART COAT made in opaque nylon, with a full-bodied look and treated to be water resistant. A drawstring waist allows to adjust the garment’s fit, making it a custom parka. Finally, two large frontal pockets, are closed by HISTORIC’s logo buttons, demonstrating that attention to detail is a must for every garment.

The detachable hood is enhanced by true Finnraccon fur. Wearing the EARHART PARKA COAT, you can make unforgettable journeys, facing extreme temperatures with boldness. Live Amelia’s challenge on your skin.