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What's important is destined to echo in time and history.

Who wears an HISTORIC sartorial garment undertakes a journey as protagonist dedicated to the fashion and the discovery of his own life and of the world. The unmistakable style of the HISTORIC brand accompanies those who desire to leave a mark through their works, dreams or everyday endeavours that then become special and will remain memorable in our minds and in the memory of others.

As Mark Twain stated: “the most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”.

It is with this surprising quotation that we wish to announce to the world that the utmost expression of our HISTORIC collections is represented by the incomparable Parkas. Unique garments, dedicated to men and women with strong personalities, determined to pursue their objectives and to the defend their ideals, just like the endeavours and conquers of past heroes who inspired us to create garments that goes beyond the limits and the boundaries imposed by stereotypes and standards able to keep up with the future.

Discover our heritage and what inspired us.