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Feathers & Down


If you’d like to know if we take seriously the “Feather” subject lightly, the answer is NO! The feathers of our down jackets are an essential part of our garments. But if we talk about Feathers, we prefer to add a couple of significant words, Nature and Environment.

The Historic 3.6.5. jackets are filled and market with 100% “REAL GOOSE DOWN”, that is, Real Goose Down, where the feathers are selected upon specific requisites and control parameters that puts in the first place the health and well-being of the animal. Indeed all of our suppliers are asked with the utmost qualitative standards in compliance with the law (D.P.R. 845/75 and D.M.10/11/1976).

Although before inviting you to wear the down jackets of our Historic 3.6.5 collection, we wish to inform you that you could be surprised by their light weight. Do not be amazed, at the contrary, do not worry, you will not suffer from the cold. Our down jackets guarantee high warmth in spite of the lightness, to facilitate everyday activities.

Discover the down jackets of our Historic 3.6.5. collection.