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Yes Fur, but never by chance.

The fur used in our garments, has always been a precious stylistic complement, a refined element that identifies and enhance the lines of our winter garments. Our style department, that, after an accurate research on the fur characteristics, chooses which one to use and where. Among the most used we indicate: The Lapin Rex, the Mourmansky and the Finnracoon. For the most particular parts, like the neck and for the inside lining we use the exquisite curled ram fur or the coyote fur.

However Historic has always being attentive regarding the environmental impact and the respect of nature, for this reason, for all of his garments, uses eco-friendly fur or as often called faux sheepskin used in different parts like: the neck, the hood lining and the inside cladding. In alternative to the faux sheepskin, we use the ecolapin, a thick and soft shaved fur made in polyester with the same characteristics.

All our furs are equipped with automatic buttons that allows an easy removal, for example when washing the garment (our furs should not be treated with water) or for when we desire to have a “light” change of style.

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