The recognized quality of Historic garments is a sought-after and obtained thanks to the production exclusively in factories owned by the company, inserted in the European context and with over 200 employees. This allows a careful control of the quality standards with which the product is packaged, an attention that starts from the selection of fabrics and the method of realization, up to the care of details and finishes.


Protection from the cold is one of the oldest human needs that has been tried to solve in the most diverse ways. We use feather because it is considered as one of the best natural insulation in the world.

The feeling of cold comes from the loss of body heat in a lower temperature environment (the human body is at a temperature of about 37°). If, between the skin and the colder environment that surrounds it, we put an insulating barrier that prevents or controls the transmission of heat, we will have found a solution to alleviate the feeling of cold that the body has.

Historic uses feather because it is considered to be one of the best natural insulation in the world. The feather has about two million filaments that intertwine and overlap making it one of the most interesting solutions to build an insulating barrier. The down jacket we choose is hypoallergenic and laboratory tested, as well as complies with all applicable standards.


Our philosophy has always been to protect people from the weather in the coldest places on our planet. Today, it's time to take it a step further by eliminating the use of fur in all of our collections as of 2023. The research and development of alternative materials will allow the company to explore new frontiers of creativity.