Shipping policy

The shipping are managed by the company. The shipping is done within the 24 to 48 hours from the moment the shipment left the warehouse (week-ends excluded) for Italy while the shipping time overseas (Europe) requires is between 3 and 4 working days. The cost of shipments is FREE in all EU countries (excluding any customs clearance delays).

Extra EU countries available for shipment:

Asia (3-4 working days)
80 euro

  • South Korea
  • China
  • Japan

Australia and New Zealand (5-7 working days)
85 euro

Eastern Europe (4-5 working days)
90 euro

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan
  • Belarus

Norway (1-2 working days)
45 euro 

Switzerland (1-2 working days)
45 euro

United Kingdom (1-2 working days)
60 euro

South America (4-5 working days)
80 euro

  • Brasil
  • Mexico

USA and Canada (1-3 working days)
50 euro

*The cost of the shipment includes customs duties and import taxes.

In case of orders associated to promotion or offers / discount coupons / vouchers, the shipping times can vary and be incremented up to 4 working extra days.

LBW S.r.l. is not responsible for eventual delays due to operations and custom controls or caused by any other event our LBW S.r.l. control.

We wish to remind to the new customers that LBW S.r.l. can request the Bank or PayPal data to verify the transaction also by contacting the customer bank. Such verification can cause eventual delays into the order shipment.


The orders of already available articles are shipped the first following working day to the one in which the order has been placed. During promotional periods, the shipping can require a longer time. In any case LBW S.r.l. reserves the rights to postpone the shipping if events are occurring or for any other cause.


When the order will be shipped, the customers will receive an e-mail from LBW S.r.l. with the tracking number and the link to monitor the shipping status. In case of delays due to custom offices, the customers will be contacted directly by the courier.


Upon the arrival of the goods, the Customers are asked to carefully inspect the package before signing to delivery receipt. The LBW S.r.l. packaging is carefully wrapped and protected by a plastic transparent container, with branded scotch tape, applied all around the package.

If for any reason the package will appear damaged or sabotaged or if the scotch tape will not be intact, the Customers are asked to sign the receipt with reservation, or to refuse the delivery. In case of which the delivery has been accepted with an unauthorized signature, or there are proofs or manumission of the package, the Customers are asked to immediately report the event to the courier and to contact our Customer Service,

All the customers that places orders are establishing a commercial relationship with LBW S.r.l. and they will then commit themselves to accept the shipment delivery. If the package will not be delivered due to the customers (wrong address, the recipient is not available, wrong phone number, etc) or if the customer will refuse the delivery, the shipping cost and the eventual custom charges will be deducted from the customer refund.


The HISTORIC shipments are insured against theft and accidental damages. Once the shipping will reach the recipient the insurance will lose the validity.

The shipping withing the European Union will be subjected to importing taxes. The shipping outside the European Union is subjected to importing taxes, that cannot be calculated at the moment of the purchase, and therefore the shipping cost are paid by the customer.

In case of a refused delivery or for failure to collect the shipping within 5 working days from the moment in which the shipping is placed at the courier warehouse or because the repeated impossibility to deliver the shipment to the address indicated by the customer at the moment of the purchase, the order will be resent to the LBW warehouse, and any extra shipping paid by LBW S.r.l. will be deducted from the Customer refund.