Our history

Historic brand


It's research, materials, study, but always with a clear objective in mind: to allow you to live your adventures.

Since the early nineties we have been producing jackets, coats and parkas for famous international fashion brands. This has allowed us to work on items of the highest quality standards and to study all the details that make the difference. Guided by curiosity, we began to analyze the choices of the big brands, to understand what we liked and what we didn't.

In the early 2000s we did more. We decided to create an internal archive with the intention of examining the garments that made history and understanding their secrets. We collected more than 3,000 pieces from all over the world; we studied them, and wore them.

Historic Brand

From our archive we selected models that amazed us and we made sure to rework them, to impress even ourselves.
NORGE 1926 Atmospheric Parka was born this way, as a result of a re-design that preserved its merits and eliminated its flaws. An iconic and timeless garment, shaped on today's needs. History at the service of the future.

Historic La nostra storia

Our idea is to have a line of quality products not linked to the fashion seasons, but capable of defeating time. Products not only to admire, but to wear and live. Quality has no expiry date. Products that tell a story, like the family watch on your wrist.

To shape these models to new challenges requires research, study and appropriate technologies: patented details, such as the fireman's hook, serve to make our articles unique, recognizable, and efficient. The secret is this: when we study a new jacket we make it driven by the adventures it has allowed, imagining what other ones it can do. The labels, within our works, tell the stories that have inspired us and are the motivation that drives evolution. We create with the intention of allowing you to do more, to do better.

Yesterday's ideas, ready for tomorrow's challenges.

 Historic Brand