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Conditions for the use of the website

LBW srl welcomes you to its website ( from now the website). The present terms of use lay down the rules for the access of our website and its use. The access to our website and its use as well as buying products requires that the user knows, accepts and complies with these terms of use and the conditions of sale.

Should you require any assistance, please refer to the CUSTOMER SERVICE - CONTACT section. Further legal information can be found on our website under the sections shipping&handling, orders&returns and privacy policy. LBW srl shall have the right to modify all or parts of these terms of use or to update them. The user will be informed of the modifications and updates of the terms of use directly after their implementation. They will become legally binding upon publication on the website. We ask you therefore to take knowledge of this section on a regular basis in order to learn about the latest and updated version of the terms of use. Should you object fully or partially to the terms of use, we would ask you not to use the website.

The access to the website and its use including the display of the webpages, the communication with LBW srl, and the possibility to download information on the products and to buy these via the website are all activities for personal purposes outside the scope of any commercial, business, or professional activity. LBW srl cannot be held liable for unlawful usage of the website and its contents by the user. Specifically, it is in the sole responsibility of the user to communicate all information and data that are incorrect, false, or have a bearing on third parties without their consent. The same applies to incorrect use of this data or information.

LBW srl deny all liability for possible damages to the computer systems or for data losses as a consequence of downloads. This liability shall rest with the user. LBW srl deny all liability for possible damages caused by shortcomings of the services on the website or by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service disruptions, deletion of content, or problems with regard to the network, the provider, or the telephone and/or telematic connection, unauthorised access, data modification, or insufficient and/or faulty functionalities of the electronic devices of the user.

The user shall be responsible for the storage and the correct use of his personal information comprising access data as well as for all harmful or interfering consequences of improper use, loss, or theft of this information.

Intellectual property rights

The content of the website, for example works, pictures, photos, dialogues, music, sounds and videos, documents, drawings, illustrations, logos, as well as every other material of any kind including menus, webpages, artworks, colours, schemes, instruments, graphic characters, and the designs of the website, the diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions, and the software which is part of (from now on the content”) are protected by copyright as well as by any other law on intellectual property of LBW srl. The full or partial reproduction of content of any kind is forbidden without the prior written consent of LBW srl.

You are only allowed to display the website and its content. Furthermore, you are allowed to make temporary reproductions that have no commercial significance and that are to be considered as transient or integral or as a supplementary or essential part of the display of the website and its content, and to navigate lawfully. You are not allowed to reproduce fully or partially the website and its content and any data medium whatsoever. Every reproduction has to be individually authorised by LBW srl. The reproductions must in any case be for legal purposes and must respect the copyright and other laws on intellectual property. The authors of the individual works published on the website shall be authorised at any time to claim the authorship of their own intellectual property and to oppose to any kind of disfigurement, spoiling or any other kind of modification of their works, comprising all actions that damage their works and their standing and reputation. You engage to respect the copyright of the authors who have decided to publish their works on the website or of those who have contributed to the creation of new forms of expression and art which are designed to be published either on the website or on other places or which are integral parts of the website. In addition, you are in no way allowed to use in any way or form whatsoever the content of the website and every single work that is protected by copyright and any other law on intellectual property.

Brand and domain names

All features that are characteristics of the products which are sold on the website, are registered trademarks of the respective owner and are only used to distinguish, describe and advertise the products. LBW slr has the right to use its brands exclusively. Every illegal use – as a result of unauthorised use – of the trademarks is prohibited and has serious legal consequences. It is in no way permitted to use these trademarks and every other feature on the website in order to gain an unlawful advantage from the distinguishing nature or the reputation of these brands, or to use them in any way that harms their owners.

Links to other websites

The website may contain hyperlinks ( from no on called links) to other websites which are not connected to the website. LBW srl does not control and monitor these websites and their content. It can’t be held liable for the content of these websites and for the rules applied by these websites, also in regard to the protection and processing of personal data during navigation. This is why we ask you to be vigilant when accessing these websites via links and to read attentively their terms of uses and data protection regulation. The activation of the links is neither a recommendation nor a tip to visit these websites or to navigate these websites, nor represents it any guarantee for the content, the services or products which are offered and sold on these websites to the users.

Information on the content

LBW srl has taken all measures to prevent publication of content on the website that describe or portray scenes or situations involving physical or psychological violence or that might be perceived by the user of the website as being an offence against common decency, human rights, or human dignity in all its forms and expressions. Under no circumstances does LBW srl guarantee that the content of the website is appropriate or admissible in other countries than Italy. However, should the content be considered as inadmissible or unlawful in some of these countries, we would like to ask you to avoid visiting the website. Should you still decide to visit the website, we would like to inform you in every case that the intended use of the services offered by is your sole personal responsibility.

With regard to its users, the operator has furthermore taken all precautions to ensure that the content of the website is created carefully and does not contain any wrong or outdated information in relation to the date of the publication on the website, and, if possible, in relation to the time after the publication. However, LBW srl does not assume any liability with regard to the users for the correctness and the completeness of the published content. LBW srl has taken all technically and organisationally appropriate measures to ensure the security of its services on the website, the integrity of the data with regards to data traffic and the electronic communication with reference to forms of use and illicit perusal, and to prevent the risks of dispersion, destruction or loss of confidential and non-confidential data and information on the own users of the website, or to prevent unauthorised or illegal access to this data and information.

Applicable law

These terms of use are regulated under the Italian law.