We build the future together with the intent to use our every skill to do more and more.

"We are pioneers and visionaries like the characters and heroes we love to tell"

Historic becomes a priority compass in the contemporary world for a more sustainable and responsible future with our Sustainability Plan.

On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, Historic rewrites its history, evolving itself and its approach to the market, while remaining anchored to its philosophy: to dress people with garments that protect and recall historical enterprises and adventures.

"Learning from the past to plan the future"

We believe that reaching greatness means looking beyond our Brand and beyond the present. This means becoming a company that aims at the good of our planet, taking care of it and ensuring a more sustainable future.
For us it was necessary to recover this relationship and make it even more concrete, thus increasing the aesthetic value, which in turn is an essential part of the value position of Historic.
It refers to those activities to be implemented necessary to ensure the choice for each customer, establishing not only the codes of conduct relating to their employees, but also safeguarding the resurrected planet.

Our commitment by 2025:

    1. Integration of recycled materials
    2. Exploitation of diversity
    3. Progressive use of energy from renewable sources
    4. Placing on the market of the first line 100% eco
    5. Periodic review of banned and restricted substances in the production of products not consistent with the latest scientific research in line with new applicable legislation
    6. Breaking down the culture linked to "fast fashion" extending the durability of products
    7. Continuous strengthening of raw material traceability systems
    8. Awareness raising and maintenance of feather suppliers compliant with new environmental rights modules HHA
    9. Use of packaging from recycled materials



Recycled polyester consists of used plastic bottles and converted into new polyester fibers. Our recycled polyester is post-consumer, which means that the wad has been used by consumers. Providing the same technical fiber performance with less environmental impact.



Dyeing of polyester color system with over 2,500 colors.
Qualified solution in the dyeing process. The colors are inserted directly inside filaments, expanding the range of colors and making the coloring process more efficient. This method allows a substantial reduction in the ecological footprint of the final products.

Reduction of CO2 emissions
Originally designed to dye cotton and wool, conventional dyeing processes use superheated water mixed with dyes. But the process used reduces C02 emissions up to 88%.

Chemical savings
As the process shortens the chemicals are saved up to 90%

Water saving
The paradigm shift in fabric dyeing results in 85% water savings.
compared to traditional piece dyeing.