An original HISTORIC garment can be identified from particular fundamental details of the brand. The initial details to pay attention are the labels, small masterpieces that combined with the inside details enriches the garment high quality, uniqueness and style.

A true original Historic garment has always on the inside a big label placed under the neck that indicates the collection that each garment belongs to.

Every collection has its own label that reflects the identity, and the name, and are divided into:

-       Historic

-       Historic Heroes

-       Historic Permanent

-       Historic Milan

The garments are furthermore embellished with a label that tells the story of the product, and is placed inside a pocket, and a smaller label that indicated the archive it belongs to. Each archive is made by garments inspired by historical events, and men and women of value who made their endeavors part of history.

Each Historic garment is an exclusive product, unique, and as such, it has a specific name. Inside each garment indeed there is a sewn label that display the name, placed generally inside a pocket on the left lower side.

A very important detail is the company logo, placed in the upper part of the left sleeve, represented by a small metallic plaque that portrays the company logo.

Every accessory, starting from the zip slider, to the press fasteners and the coulisse drawstrings, are customized with the Historic brand.

A key role is played by the garment tags, also small masterpieces applied in each one. Elements that tell the DNA of each product. They report both, bar code and the alphanumeric number of the same item. Made by a series of numbers and letters that allows to retrace the story of each garment, that is:

-       Production season

-       The Collection it belongs to

-       Model code

-       Model variation

-       Fabric type

-       Garment color

The same code is displayed in each garment near the label that illustrates the washing instructions and the garment fabrics composition.

In spite of the accurate customization of each Historic garment, many are the resulting products counterfeited and currently on the market. Every expedient adopted by Historic is a necessary feature in order to recognize the brand authenticity and to defend the exclusive identity, but above all to protect the customers preventing the purchase of counterfeited garments, illegally sold or that can endanger people's health.

It is for this reason that Historic asks its customers to support the brand and the cause, to continue to allow us to fight this battle!

So, do not hesitate to contact us for further questions regarding the authenticity of our garments!