A philosophy of life: distinguish yourself from others while remaining yourself. The key to contemporary success.

1992 : The company is founded

 Since the early nineties we have been producing jackets, down jackets and parkas for famous international fashion brands. This has allowed us to work on garments with the highest quality standards and to study all the details that make the difference. Guided by curiosity, we started studying the choices of the big brands, to understand what we liked and what we didn't.

1995 : The company expands in Romania

2001 : Birth of Historic

In the early 2000s we did more. We decided to create an internal archive with the intention of studying the leaders who made history and understanding their secrets. We have collected more than 3000 pieces from all over the world; we have studied and worn them.

2003 : Presentation of HR

Historic Research was born from the encounter between Anglo-Saxon artisan tradition and Italian creativity. The meticulous attention to detail and the construction of the garment allow it to be worn on many occasions.

2004 : Historic at Pitti

From our archive we have selected the models that have amazed us and we have managed to rework them, to amaze us. NORGE 1926 Atmospheric Parka was born like this: the result of a re-design that has preserved its qualities and eliminated its defects. An iconic and timeless garment, modeled on today's needs. History at the service of the future.

2010 : Historic presents EXPEDITION JACKET LIMITED EDITION at Pitti

2017 : Historical return to the origins

Historic imposes its vision: to be inspired by the models of the past and at the same time to use the most advanced technological innovations in the field of textile research.

2020 : Historic presents the new logo

2021 : Historic Human-Ability

Historic always judges the value of its successes with responsibility and respect. Human-Ability is nothing more than a process of integrating sustainability issues into our business models and decisions.