Historic uses down because it is considered to be one of the best natural insulating in the world. The feather has about two million filaments that intertwine and overlap making it one of the most interesting solutions to build an insulating barrier. The down filling that we use is hypoallergenic and laboratory tested and complies with all applicable quality standards.

The top quality of our materials ensure excellent performance and duration. To maintain unaltered these features it is necessary to adopt some precautions and to follow the correct cleaning process.

It's important to carefully follow the washing, drying and ironing instructions indicated into the specific label attached in every garment to guarantee the correct treatment and respect both the fabric characteristics and the feathers filling features.

When washing the garments, it is possible to machine wash them at home or to use specialized laundries. In both cases, where present, it is best to remove the faux fur from the garment and to cover the zip slider to avoid possible damages. It is not advisable to use fabric softener, which could cause the sagging of the stitching.

Do not use bleach, nor chlorine based products, since they could irreversibly damage feathers.

The rinsing must be repeated multiple times, until the release of clear water. Incomplete washing and rinsing can cause stains on the fabric.

Put the washed garment in the dryer for 20 minutes, so that the feathers will get reconditioned and will regain their original volume.

If you don't have a dryer, you can shake the garment to favor the feathers redistribution and hang it avoiding the direct sun exposition. Repeat the operation periodically until the garment is completely dry. In case the feather remains too compact, bring the garment to a laundry for a drying drum cycle.

During season's changes, it is advisable to cover the garment with a cotton bag, protecting it from dust and humidity.


The wadding filling, realized both with natural or synthetic materials, offers the advantage to isolate the cold, making the garments soft and fluffy. Our synthetic fillings are more resistant as well as of easy maintenance. However, we suggest to strictly follow the washing instructions attached inside the jacket, to preserve both the wadding thermal quality and respect the structure and characteristics of the used materials.

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