A story that began 30 years ago, when the company took its first steps in the field of winter clothing production. Jackets made to measure, through careful craftsmanship: a feature that distinguishes today Historic and makes us an international benchmark.

High-quality tailoring craftsmanship combined with an instinct for innovation: this is the DNA of the company. Garments made with the most advanced fabrics on the market and extreme attention to detail. Collections that leave nothing to chance.


Our passion for original clothes has brought Historic to markets all over the world (Paris, London, Vienna, Edinburgh...). We draw inspiration from them, we review them and bring them back to life.


So many ideas that become more and more every day: a constant search, to gather life experiences and revive old times, styles and different atmospheres through dresses ambassadors of great events or men who have changed history.

Historic is synonymous with individuality: it speaks to men and women with character, with a strong personality, those who want to stand out for their clothes and want to be respected.

A philosophy of life: distinguishing oneself from others while remaining oneself . The key to contemporary success.