On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, Historic rewrites its history and its approach to the market, remaining anchored to its values.

With our sustainability plan we aim to improve every part of the production process,
making ecological thinking guide our decisions.

Our plan for 2025 includes:

  • the integration of recycled fabrics;
  • the progressive use of energy from renewable sources;
  • the placing on the market of the first 100% eco line;
  • breaking down the culture linked to"fast fashion"by extending the life cycle of products;
  • the continuous strengthening of raw material traceability systems;
  • the use of packaging obtained from recycled materials.

Our philosophy is inspired by famous events and historical heroes. People who have gone beyond the limits of human beings by challenging nature itself. For this to continue to happen it is necessary to preserve the beauty of nature and its grandeur.

“The stars seemed so close you could count them and I had never seen so many. I've always thought that the pleasure of flying was the pleasure of beauty, that evening I had confirmation of that." (cited by Amelia Earhart)