Norge - Historic Brand

The Norge conquers the North Pole

April 10, 1926, Rome. The airship Norge lifted off, heading towards the North Pole.
In previous years, from 1897 onwards, an interminable series of missions had followed one another in an attempt to accomplish the task of being the first to fly over the Arctic, collecting one failure after another. Exactly one year earlier, in June 1925, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen tried to reach the pole with two Dornier Wal seaplanes. Another failure.

Umberto Nobile, however, was sure he could do it. An explorer, engineer and Air Force general, he was convinced that his N1 airship had all the credentials to succeed. So he decided to meet the Norwegian explorer in Oslo, convincing him to try again with the Italian airship.

The N1 airship, later renamed Norge - Norway in Norwegian language - was officially delivered to the Norwegians at Ciampino airport, after some test flights. Scheduled destination: Alaska, via North Pole.

On 12 May, at 1.30 a.m., Greenwich time, the aircraft flew over the Pole and completed the mission. The crew then continued, as planned, towards Alaska, landing two days later at Teller, after having made a non-stop crossing of over 5300 km. With a total of 13,000 km in 170 hours (average speed 76 km/h), the mission was a success that was echoed in the press at the time. The landing had to take place without the help of ground personnel. Thanks to the bow valve on the airship, it was possible to touch down without incident for the crew. On his return to Italy, Umberto Nobile was promoted to the rank of general.


The years have gone by, but the achievements remain, and with Historic they are also worn. With NORGE Atmospheric Parka you wear the history of Umberto Nobile's airship; a classic garment capable of withstanding extreme temperatures based on the originals of the time but revised and redesigned with all the most modern devices and fabrics.

Norge is inspired by Umberto Nobile 's challenges, who was able to fly across the North Pole on board of the Norge airship and to succeed where many others until 1926 had failed. Designed and made to withstand the toughest temperatures, Norge pieces bring details to the leading role.

Norwegian coat  is made in technical polyester canvas and padded with real goose down. The embracing collar allows to maintain a perfect body temperature against any temperature thanks to the lapin fur. Treated in order to be water and wind resistant, NORGE PARKA is perfect for extreme situation; moreover, the sober and elegant design, makes it suitable for any situation.


Atmospheric parka is another HISTORIC's iconic garment. Featuring five distinctive pockets, it's the ultimate jacket for those who love traveling light. The real goose down padding and the natural sheepskin collar (that can be removed) make the jacket extremely warm and comfortable. Wool cuffs ensure air lock and allow complete cold insulation. The inner part is particularly rich and well-finished with tailored details.

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