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Charles Lindbergh, story of a man of honor

If you talk about HISTORIC legends, you cannot ignore the myth of Charles Lindberg. The American aviator, in fact, is known to history as the first man capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean alone, without stopovers. It took him 33 days to complete the task, and this earned him the title of Man of the Year in TIME magazine.

But certainly the most prestigious title obtained for this undertaking is not the title conferred by the magazine, but the Medal of Honor, the highest military decoration awarded by the United States Government:

"For having shown heroic courage and quality as a navigator, at the risk of his own life, in the non-stop flight with his airplane, the"Spirit of St. Louis"from New York City to Paris in France on 20-21 May 1927, with which Captain Lindbergh not only achieved the greatest triumph of any American citizen, but also demonstrated that it is possible to cross the ocean by air".

It is also worth mentioning the incredible cultural influence of a character like Lindberg, who won the Pulitzer Prize for biography and autobiography in 1954 with his book The Spirit of St. Louis.

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